Our Mission

We’re on a mission to ensure that every home sells for its fullest possible price.
Flyp puts you in control of your sale. You never have to drop your price, spend a fortune on renovations or hang around waiting for the right buyer to come along. And you don’t have to watch as a developer takes over and takes all the profit.

For the first time, vendors have a way to get full value for their home sale. A flyp home is made to sell.

Now To Flyp a home means

  1. You make money, not a developer
  2. It happens in days, not months
  3. It pays for itself, not through upfront investments

Our story

Over 150 flyp’d properties

5 years in business

£45 million for vendors in 2019

We’re experts at transforming empty, unloved properties into places where people feel at home.

Our passion for unlocking value through design started with our sister company StayBeyond. Since 2015, StayBeyond has taken on 250 properties that were struggling to rent and transformed them into beautiful homes that feel welcoming and pop online. To date, we’ve attracted over 60,000 guests to our portfolio of homes across the UK. We realised that our transformation expertise translated perfectly from the rental market to sales.

That’s why we created flyp.

Using our unique business model, homeowners now have a genuinely ground-breaking way to sell their empty property. The results speak for themselves. And we’re just getting started.

Our Company in Numbers