Bertie Nuttall

Are you leaving money on the table?

November 22, 2019

If you’re selling an empty property, you probably are.

Why selling an unloved property puts you at the bottom of the food chain

When you put your property on the market, you should feel like the king of the jungle, not a lame duck. Your property is the biggest, proudest asset you own, and when you decide to capitalise on it, you deserve to feel empowered.

However, for homeowners with unloved properties, the process can leave them feeling like a bird with clipped wings.

This is because unloved properties are easy pickings for the vultures of the real estate jungle – property developers.

Developers take advantage of neglected properties, knowing they can buy it for less, do it up, sell it on, and make a profit.

You at the bottom of the food-chain:

  • Your empty property is sitting on the market at £1,600,000, but you haven’t received any offers. So you drop the price a few times – all the way down to £1,500,000 – to no avail.

  • As you lose confidence, a developer swoops in with a cash offer of £1,400,000. It isn’t anywhere near your original valuations but, when nothing better shows up, you reluctantly accept.

  • You watch helplessly as the developer flips your property and invests £30,000. They repaint the walls, lay new carpets, replace old fittings, and update the kitchen. Then they put it back on the market with an updated valuation of £1,650,000.

  • After two weeks, they have an offer. After two months, they have sold the property – and all £220,000 of the value they added after buying your property goes to them.


This is why you’re at the bottom of the food chain.

But when you flyp, you can transform your property’s prospects and take yourself from the bottom of the property food-chain to the top.

You at the top of the food-chain:

  • Your empty property has been on the market at £1,600,000, but you haven’t received any offers. Rather than drop the price, you decide to flyp it.


  • Our expert team evaluates your home, engages with your target buyer and creates a bespoke transformation that generates the maximum value for your home.


  • Your wallet remains untouched, while flyp invests our own money to repaint the walls, lay new carpets, replace old fittings, and update the kitchen – at an expertise level that is unmatched.


  • After two weeks, you have several offers of up to £1,700,000 on the table. After two months, your property completes – and the £100,000 of added value on your original asking price goes home with you.

flyp captures the value of your empty property:

When you flyp, you transform your property’s saleability for yourself, meaning you see its full value go home with you.

This means homeowners feel like kings of the jungle, not scraps for scavengers.

If you want to flyp your prospects and see your property’s apex value, flyp with us.

So tell us, what would you do with the extra £100,000 of value we can add to your home?