Calling all agents – flyp is in your corner

November 28, 2019

We’re here to help you sell houses faster, and for more

Five reasons flyp is an estate agent’s best friend.

Selling an empty property can be a gruelling process. For agents, it’s especially difficult.

When dealing with empty and neglected properties, you have a daunting task. You need to generate strong online interest, host stellar viewings, secure acceptable offers and high valuations. A car salesman would never be expected to sell a car with rusty wheels and dents at top dollar.

Why is this expected of agents? 

flyp is in your corner – We’ll maximise your commission and minimise the energy, time and resources needed for you to sell your property.

We create bespoke, data-driven transformations of properties to maximise their value and make them sell – at no cost to your clients.

5 reasons flyp is your new best friend

  1. We get you higher commissions –
    flyp’d homes see a 4% uplift compared to the market average.

  2. We raise your property’s online profile –
    Our flyps see 400% more clicks.

  3. We help turn viewings into offers
    95% of our flyps have offers in two weeks.
  4. We save you time –
    30% of all offers in today’s market fall through, flyp has only lost one.

  5. We make you stand out –
    You have a game-changing solution for clients that sets you apart from your peers.

1. We get you higher commissions

You deserve to maximise your commission on a home sale, just as homeowners deserve to maximise their value.

This is our speciality. For the 150 properties we’ve flyp’d so far, we’ve generated a 4% uplift in price compared to the market average.

2. We raise your property’s online profile

flyp maximises a property’s saleability throughout, starting with its online profile. It’s the first place potential buyers see your property – you have 8 seconds to capture their attention online.


Our flyps are so transformative, you’ll be able to immediately re-list your property on Zoopla and Rightmove with eye-catching, colourful and engaging imagery. This ensures buyers no longer scroll past your listing.

3. We turn viewings into offers

We only consider viewings successful if they lead to offers. We know your best chance of closing a deal is after a stellar viewing experience. This is why we prioritise viewings above all else.

We don’t just fluff the pillows or straighten the carpets. We curate a ‘feel like home’ experience for each viewing, so you can show potential buyers the house as a home.

You’ll have access to the home at any time. We ensure it looks its best at a moment’s notice – even for a last-minute viewing.

4. We save you time

Every second invested in a house that struggles to sell is time and money you won’t get back.

With flyp, you expedite a sale. 95% of our homes have gone under offer two weeks after a flyp – twice as fast as the average market time.

We increase the volume of offers, and our current “fall-through” rate is only 5%. We make sure each property functions as a complete home.

This is because your property has received our flyp approval and passed our rigorous tests.

A flyp’d home is always ready to be lived in.

5. We make you stand out

When you flyp with us, you:

  • Stand out from other agents, with higher, faster offers that don’t fall through.
  • See a boost to your asking price achievements and your agency’s reputation.
  • Become a hero for homeowners by offering a solution that only adds value.

We’re in your corner

We know selling an empty or unloved property is hard work. There are so many variables and factors that hamper your ability to make a sale. Our service helps tackle all of them.

Together, we get higher offers and quicker completions – you get to do what you do best, close deals on houses.

Let’s flyp your agent game as we transform the property market together.