Bertie Nuttall

Flyp is ready to transform the property market

October 30, 2019

flyp is here and ready to transform the property market, one unloved home at a time


You wouldn’t sell a car without wheels, would you? Or a flower without petals?

It’s simple logic. To sell something for its maximum value, you need to make sure it’s looking its best. If that’s true, why are so many properties sold in poor, uninspiring states?

A quick search on Zoopla or Rightmove will find you plenty of listings with sub-par interiors, depressing furnishings, and unliveable rooms all expecting to achieve top dollar – and it seems this has become the norm.

When the truth is, an empty property – one of a homeowner’s most valuable assets – should be looking its absolute best so that when it sells, it sells at its highest possible value.

However, it isn’t fair to put the blame on homeowners, or their agents.

There has never been a service available that empowers homeowners to tap into their property’s potential and get the best possible value out of it, and all without lifting a finger or spending a penny.

We are flyp

flyp is a start-up with a simple goal: To empower homeowners to unlock their property’s full potential – at no cost – so they get as much money as possible when it sells.

We want to see homeowners receiving more clicks online, more viewings offline, higher valuations for their property, better offers, and faster completions.

We have a strong background in the property industry, and since we started a few months ago we have flyp’d 35 properties, forged 89 agent partnerships, moved 850 pieces of furniture, rollered 1,000 litres of paint, and have outperformed the market by a 4% margin on price – all at no cost to homeowners.

From dead asset to finance source

flyp has created a revolutionary means of turning a dead asset – an empty property –  into an income-generator that funds its own comprehensive, data-by-design transformation.

We generate this income by filling an empty property with guests while it is on the market and use the revenue from hosting them to finance the renovations the property needs in order to sell.

With this exciting financing capability as a foundation, we have created a service that was so unique and comprehensive, we had to define it ourselves: flyp.

The power of guests

Guests are an integral part of the flyp success and they power a home-sale in more ways than one. They aren’t simply there to fund the transformation.

They also serve as test-drivers of the property, giving us constant feedback on what tweaks a property needs before it becomes someone’s home, while simultaneously giving the property a lived-in feel.

In fact, the guest profile is so closely aligned with that of the buyer that we have even had cases where guests have put in offers on homes.

They were matched so closely to our buyer profile, they became one.

Know your buyer = Maximise your value

So how are we able to turn an empty and unloved property into someone’s home? Because we make it our business to know it’s buyer. The buyer is at the centre of everything we do. The data we gather on a likely buyer informs every step of the flyp process. From this we:

  • Transform the property:
    We create a design for the property that appeals to your potential buyer. This means we don’t just add value, we design the property with the buyer in mind and turn the source of the homeowner’s woe into a source of interest.
  • Present the property:
    We optimise the viewing experience; accommodating viewings at all times, preparing the property daily, and tailoring the experience for every potential buyer. Our goal is for every viewing to lead to offers, so we curate an experience for your buyers that makes them think: “I could see myself living here.”

In the last 35 properties that we’ve flyp’d alone, this has led to an offer being extended to each home, with 95% of properties being under offer in two weeks, and 20 daily viewings for each property while they were up for sale.

What’s more, the value we added from this process all went directly back to the homeowners’ pockets.

flyp is here, ready to disrupt, and empower homeowners

We want to empower homeowners, agents, and their properties, so they can sell at a higher value and faster. We want their property’s full potential to be realised by the homeowner before a sale, not after by a contractor or developer.

With flyp, we are hoping to fill an empty space in the property market, to level the playing field and empower anyone sitting on a struggling property to transform their home with us.

Our comprehensive service, market and property experience positions us to take the market by storm, and now we want to share our revolutionary service with homeowners everywhere.

Now anyone who lacks the time, funds, or expert knowledge to flip their property can put their best foot forward and flyp their home with confidence.

Stay tuned, the flyp journey is only just beginning, and we’d love to have you along for the ride!