Five ways to make your house pop

December 12, 2019

These tips will inspire you to bring fun and colour into your home.

flyp brands a home without ever having to write our name on the wall.

One of the tools that helps us do this is a style of design called Maximalism. It’s all about bold statements, audacious colour combinations, themes, and clashing set pieces.

We’re not your typical design company. We break rules. It’s the best way to engage people – it’s what’s helped us get homes 400% more online interest, with 95% of them being under offer in less than two weeks.

The ‘more is more’ mentality of Maximalism helps us to do this because it’s a eye-catcher. Having a little touch of it in each room can be just what you need to turn heads.

With over 150 flyp’d properties under our belts, we’ve become experts on the style. Here are our top five picks for Maximalist pieces, and how you can try them out in your home:

  1. A bold wallpaper or print
  2. Neon signs
  3. Retro Light Fittings
  4. Theme rooms with art pieces
  5. Eye-catching pillows

1. A bold wallpaper or print

Maximalism is all about patterns, and there is no better way to express that than with a strong, expressive wallpaper – which makes for a bold statement.

The trick with a piece like this is to get playful. You could start off by picking your two favourite colours and an animal, then find a print that combines both.

It will make a wash of two great colours. Up close this creates a mesmerising pattern, and it can be as wacky or wild as you want it to be. Incorporate any patterns, any colours – the wall is your oyster.

2. Neon signs

A neon light fitting is a creative way of combining function with art – and that’s what a good living room piece should be.

Don’t shy away from a decoration like this – the key with Maximalism is to be expressive, and what better way is there to do that than by lighting up a statement on the wall?

More is more. Find some words or quote that feels like you and let this light-up fixture express themselves on your walls – we’ve even put one above a bathtub.


3. Retro light fittings

The right light fitting will look good whether the bulb is on or off. We love retro fittings because they add character without feeling dated. They break the mould from a simple shade without being bombastic.

If you’re experimenting with Maximalism, it’s a great way to start.

Find a fitting that suits your taste, and test it in different rooms in the house. You’ll elevate a space without overwhelming it.

It’s a great way of stylising the way you light a room, and the right retro piece can fit anyone’s style.


4. Theme room with art pieces

Another way to start trying Maximalism in your walls is to hang up some creative art pieces.

Compose a room’s theme by combining what’s already there with some art pieces. Green walls in the bedroom? Flower wallpaper, make it even more flower with some modern art. Coffee in the kitchen? Take to the next step by making an espresso collage.

As long as it fits the theme you have in mind, it will work. – Find some pieces you think match, hang them in a way that works for you, and watch your room’s new mood take hold.


5. Eye-catching pillows

Even if you’re the type who prefers to keep their duvet a minimalist white, you can upgrade your throw game by adding a few wild pillows to offset a monotone design.

Maximalism is all about clashes that work, so don’t be afraid to mix whites with colours.

Whether it’s a pattern-print of a zebra or a multi-coloured abstract blend, you can find a piece that fits your style while adding a few more hues and textures to that bed or sofa.


Maximalism is for everyone

The best thing about Maximalism is that there are no set rules – except for you to get bold and try some new, out-there designs.

So if you’re looking to spice up your kitchen with an ‘out there’ portrait collage, or get creative in the living room with a brush-textured wallpaper, these pieces are a great way to dip your toe in the Maximalist pool.