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Will my property see more viewings from potential buyers?

Yes! Our flyp doesn’t just target the physical property, but also its online profile. Our eye-catching transformation and designs will help your listed property stand out from the crowd, and generate more online clicks and views. With a revamped online profile, you will notice an immediate effect on viewing requests and offline traction. In fact, our flyps often see four times as many viewings after we have worked our magic.

Will the sale of the property be managed by you or the agent?

flyp isn’t here to replace the agent process, we simply enhance your property’s selling points, so you can sell it for faster and for more. Who sells your house, how it is valued, which offers you accept, and what it ultimately sells for it always up to you.

How do you make sure my property is looked after?

When we flyp your property, we take measures to ensure its safety and security every step of the way. We carefully hand-select guests based on their age and reason for stay, our ID checking system ensures all guests have the right profile for your home. We safeguard your property with noise monitors connected to 24/7 surveillance and our security patrols are on call at all times. What’s more, there will be flyp team members in your property every morning, so you can rest easy knowing your house is in safe hands.

How will having guests affect my viewings?

Our guests opt-into the flyp process and will accommodate viewings at all times, even at short notice. Your agent will always have access to the property, and because we are in the house daily, it will always be ready for viewings. Facilitating the best viewing experience for buyers is our absolute priority. With our hand-picked guests giving buyers a glimpse of how the house can be lived in, overseen by us and your agent, the best possible viewings will be assured.

Is a fast sale of my property your priority?

Absolutely. The goal of getting the property sold is as much yours as it is ours. In fact, our business model is set up so that the faster you sell, the better we do.  At every step of the flyp process, a fast and full value sale is prioritised. From transforming your home in under two weeks to creating the perfect viewing experience for your buyer, you can rest easy knowing that flyp is here to help you sell your house faster.

Will my property’s value increase?

This is the goal of every flyp transformation. When we flyp your home, our aim isn’t just to get you faster offers, but higher-value ones as well – we design with your sale in mind, and seek to add value from corner to corner. With an average value uplift of 9% in the properties we’ve flyp’d so far, flyp is here to maximise the value of every home.

Couldn’t I just do this myself?

You certainly could, but you won’t be able to do it as quickly, as efficiently, or for as little as flyp can – You won’t find a better way to flip than with flyp:

  • We cover the up-front costs of your flyp, so you won’t be spending any of your own time or money on the transformation.
  • We operate at scale, which means the cost of your flyp is significantly lower than competitive market rates.
  • We transform properties faster than industry standards, with most of our flyps completing within two weeks.
  • We are experts with an intimate knowledge of how to make your home sell faster and for more.

How do you make your money?

We have built a revolutionary model that utilises a dead asset – your empty property- to pay for the flyp cost. We will fill the property with our hand-picked guests while it is on the market and awaiting completion. By activating your property in this way, we can give you a transformation that funds itself and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Shouldn’t I just drop the price?

flyp’s foremost goal is to add value to your property, so dropping the price should be the last thing on your mind when you decide to flyp your property. Let us work our magic on your home first. We’ll make sure to add value on before you decide to take any off.

Is my property suitable for a flyp? (Multiple apartments, maisonettes, etc)

It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a mansion or a maisonette, we see the potential in every home, and can fit a flyp into any space, big or small. If you think your property has any specific restrictions that might be holding you back, get in touch with us and we can make an arrangement that suits your individual needs.

How do you account for city and community regulations?

We always abide by short-let rules and regulations. We operate on a basis that ensures guests don’t exceed the 90-day short-let restriction, even if flyp is in your home for a 4-5 month period. Your community is also important to us – we make sure our team members and our guests respect your neighbours and community as much as they respect your property.

I can’t afford to lose income while my property is on the market. What are my options?

At flyp, we understand you might need some financial support while your property is on the market. So, if you feel your fixed running costs are holding you back from flyping your property, we can create a personalized financial offer that takes these limitations into account. Get in touch with one of our flyp experts to talk through a bespoke plan.

Can I flyp my property, even if I don’t want to sell it?

How you use your property is up to you, we’re here to maximise its value and potential, for any purpose. So if you want to flyp for rental purposes, you will receive better quality tenants and higher rental income. If it’s for personal use, you’re going to get an improved home, with a higher value that earns you more when you decide to sell.

What happens if I haven’t sold the property after the repayment period is finalised?

We expect your property to sell within the repayment period, as 95% of our properties have gone under offer within two weeks of a flyp. But should the completion take longer than the repayment, these are your options:  We continue to rent the property and host guests and can pay you a percentage or fixed amount of the profits. You can also decide to rent out the property yourself. We’ll stay on until you find a long-term tenant, with the same viewing experience for tenants as buyers to optimize your search.

What’s the catch? – There isn’t one, with the flyp service, everyone wins.
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