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Anne’s home in Oxford had been on the market for a year, but she hadn’t received any good offers, despite the home being in an amazing location just 10 minutes from the city centre.
She was about to drop her asking price when her agent introduced her to flyp.

Our research identified that the buyer would probably be an overseas family looking for a home for a child studying in Oxford. We enhanced the value and appeal of the house by repainting the entire home, landscaping the garden, and adding striking wallpaper and fun Furniture.

24 hours after our flyp, Anne’s home was off the market, sold to an verseas buyer whose daughter had a place to study at Oxford.

Anne, Oxford
Why did you choose to flyp your home?
My agent recommended your service as a way to get faster and better offers. When my agent first introduced your service, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was blown away by your proposal. It felt like you understood why my home wasn’t selling, and understood exactly what my house needed in order to sell.
What did you love most about the flyp experience
Besides the way the home looks now which is amazing! I mean for a brief moment my husband and I joked about actually moving back in… But seriously, what I enjoyed most was how comfortable you made me feel throughout the process. It was like I was dealing with a trusted friend. This home has been such an important part of our lives, and you guys treated it with respect, you were constantly updating us on the progress and made us feel in control of the flyp.
Would you recommend flyp?
Yes! You guys are a talented and unique company. The way you connect the home to the potential buyer with the design and the viewings is genius. And the fact that guest stays paid for the flyp, meant we didn’t have to dig into our own pockets. I would 100% recommend anyone who’s struggling to sell, to flyp their home!
Anne’s home before Flyp

The space in Cherwell Street had such potential! It’s a quintessential Oxford home, so the rooms were a bit smaller and without imagination could be seen as boxy.

We used bright colors, playful wallpaper, fresh paint and light flooring to open up each room. We added fun and contemporary furniture to maximize the space to show buyers how the home can be lived in.

FLYP team
Anne’s home after Flyp