Once upon a time in a flyp home

December 17, 2019

How flyp found a happy ending for a pretty little three-bed in Primrose Hill

Once upon a time, tucked away amongst the sunny greenery of Primrose Hill, there was a property waiting for a new owner. This home looked the part from outside, but with faded carpets and bare walls, it was in a sorry state. The kitchen had no cutlery, the bedrooms had no beds, the living room had no life.

But flyp saw the story the house could tell, and who it should be told to. We saw a young couple, who love working and living in the big city as much as they love all things green. A young professional couple looking to get on the property ladder in an area matching their active lifestyles.

We saw them longing for a place where they can unwind after a long day, with enough room to host drinks and dinner for friends. We saw their dream kitchen, where they would feast on a Sunday brunch before doing some living room yoga and heading out for a pub lunch. The perfect place for kicking back with a good book on a sunny day.

We waved our magic wands and got to work – bringing the story to life.


We bar-carted the hall, dressed the veranda with tea, books and all,

Put his & her chairs in the living room, bedded and rugged the master bedroom,

We painted the walls with blue, white, and yellow, all the colours that are mellow,

We fitted the kitchen with an eight-man table, so for drinks with friends or brunch it was able,

With all this done, and the house fully decked, for a young couple, it was now perfect,


The End