Selling a property empty is selling yourself short

November 8, 2019

Three reasons why your empty home is not selling

Your empty property has been on the market for a while. It’s had a few viewings, a handful of clicks online, but not much else.


Here are three reasons why your empty property just isn’t selling.

1. Your online profile is weak.

A property’s online listing is crucial. It’s the first place potential buyers see it. For a buyer to notice your listing, you need to capture their eye quickly – easier said than done…

Rightmove has 1.1 million listings (nearly 5,000 added weekly for London alone). In order to stand out from the crowd, your property’s listing needs to be striking.

Washed-out photographs of bare walls and naked floors don’t work. Your listing will be swiftly buried under a mountain of newer, more attractive listings.

You have eight seconds to make an impact, amongst a sea of competing listings, all with images that draw the eye
empty properties don’t do that


Which listing caught your eye?

2. Your property doesn’t look like a home

Empty properties stay on the market for an average of 143 days – a furnished house takes 68

This is for good reason – an empty property fails to communicate a home’s character and function. Buyers just see an empty space that needs to be filled, not a home waiting to be lived in.

Nearly half (46%) of furnished properties sell 10% higher than those left unfurnished.

You need to make your property look like a home if you want it to be seen as one
empty properties don’t do that.

3. Your property doesn’t feel like a home

Viewings need to make buyers feel that they are coming home, even if it’s the first time they’re walking through the door.

Buyers want to feel that a home has been loved and lived in. In an empty property, buyers have to make a tremendous leap to imagine the home in your house.

When a buyer steps into a room, sees a cosy couch, smells food coming from the kitchen, feels the warmth coming off the radiators, and hears wood crackling in the fireplace, they step into the shoes of a homeowner.

You need to capture a buyer’s imagination the moment they step foot inside the property
empty properties don’t do that.

flyp your house

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We allow the home in your house to be seen and sold.

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